Prof. Dr. Götz Neuneck

Institut für Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik
an der Universität Hamburg (IFSH)

Falkenstein 1
D-22587 Hamburg

Tel. +49 40 890 12 48
Fax +49 40 890 36 51
  • Head of IFAR
    (Interdisciplinary Research Group on Disarmament, Arms Control and Risk Technologies at the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg)

  • Member of the council of Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs

  • Member of the Advisory of the IPPNW

  • Spokesman of Committee Physics and Disarmament (AKA) of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesell­schaft (DPG)

  • Vice-Chairman "Forschungsverbundes Naturwissen­schaft, Abrüstung und Internationale Sicherheit" (FONAS)

  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Deutschen Stiftung Friedensforschung (DSF)

Brief Curriculum Vitae:

1954: Born in Goslar, Germany
1976-83: Study of Physics and Philosophy University Düsseldorf, Grade: Dipl.-Phys.
1984-87: Scientific Associate with Horst Afheldt and C.-F. von Weizsäcker in the Max-Planck-Society in Starnberg near Munich. (Non-Offensive Defense)
1988-89: Scholarship from Volkswagen Foundation at IFSH; Research at the School of Public Affairs/University of Maryland (Prof. Catherine Kelleher, Prof. Steve Fetter)
since 1989: IFSH, Science Fellow. Research Subjects: New Military Technologies. Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Preventive Arms Control, Missile Defense, Missile Proliferation, Space Weaponization
1995: Dissertation in Mathematics at the University of Hamburg; Dr. rer. nat.
2007: Honorarprofessor at University of Hamburg

Professional experience:

1988-2003: CENSIS-Working Group "Modernisation and Stability: The Impact of New Weapon Technologies"
since 1996: Elected Member of the Council Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft DPG
since 2001: Lecturing in the Master Programme "Peace and Security Studies" at the University of Hamburg
since 2003: Chair Arbeitskreises Physik und Abrüstung (AKA) der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesell­schaft (DPG)
May 2005: Member of the German Delegation at the 7th NPT Review Conference in New York